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Crit me on my characterization of him? Is it good, bad, etc.? Feel free to tell me right here, I don't mind!

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Name: Malik Ishtar
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh! DM
Timeline: Post-series

Background: Here!

Personality: Unlike his Battle City-self, post-series Malik has since come a long way. No longer is he an evil, ticked-off prick with a short temper who gets frustrated whenever something goes wrong, he's become nice, helpful, more open-minded and just like his younger self, he has become cheerful, though not to the point of optimism.  He'll also be a little teasing and sarcastic to someone (especially if he can get a bit of a reaction out of him) as he knows it's all in good fun. If he senses that he might have gone too far, then he'll pull back, apologize, and will want to take full responsibility for his actions, since he does not want to be the cause of pushing someone over the edge, which is another thing different from how he was back in Battle City. However, he can be a little awkward. The few years spent trying to go after a dead person weren't really good for his social skills, so even if Malik's case isn't severe, there are still some topics where he'll have trouble answering. But, he hasn't lost his confidence and determination, so when he does find a goal, then he'll set his mind to it and won't back down until it's been completed. He can be a little competitive as well and likes a challenge as well, though he's a good sport about it and won't mind too much if he loses.

Even if he has loosened up, it doesn't mean he has completely thrown away his deceitful tendencies. If he's caught in a dangerous situation, he'll resort to using any means necessary to fight back and/or run, even if it means that he risks the chance of being severely injured or killed in the process. However, he hates seeing people that are close to him getting hurt as well (i.e. those times as a child and on the Battle Ship and Alcatraz Tower where he saw Rishid getting hurt), so he will try and defend them at all costs.

Aside from that, he'll tend to hide some issues when he's feeling down, and there are times where if Malik is depressed enough, he'll want to give up (just like during the final duel between Yami Yugi and Yami Malik, where he was beside Rishid's side as a spirit for a bit). He still feels some guilt for what he did back in Battle City, so he becomes a bit apprehensive whenever he dwells on those thoughts. It's not that he wants to, but unless he's with Isis or Rishid or knows the person really well (and even then, he's still a little distant) then he sees no reason to burden a stranger with his problems, as he does not want to end up lashing out at them by accident. Plus, he still has some pride, so he thinks he can handle it himself, even if it might be too much to handle.

Also, Malik isn't completely invulnerable to his temper. Though he has since mellowed out, he is still prone to becoming angry from time to time, especially if he's dead-set on a goal and anyone tells him otherwise. And, just like in Battle City, he is stubborn and can hold a bit of a grudge, though it's not to an extreme this time. At the most, he'll probably get dragged into a little heated argument. As childish as it is, he knows that it's not a good idea to keep it up bottled inside (lest he'd create another Yami Malik). But, when he does lose his temper, he'll try to reel it back in to avoid too much of a confrontation.

All in all, Malik is a guy who has changed for the better, even if there are some parts of past left with him that he may not let go for awhile.

Why is your character a good fit for the setting of Soul Campaign, and what will they do once they are in the game?

Though Malik has changed for good, he still feels guilt over his past actions. If he were to be in Death City, he would see it as a chance for redemption, and would work towards trying to further better himself by helping out in the war and defending Death City.

List the abilities your character will still have in Soul Campaign:

Well, he can ride motorcycles pretty well, and can even do a bit of a stunt trick. That’s the only ability he learned back home, and the only thing that will follow him here because he doesn’t really have anything else.

List the weaknesses your character will gain (or lose) in Soul Campaign:

Malik isn’t prone to losing control of his temper any longer, he will still get quite angry even if he does reign it in, so it’s a weakness that will definitely stay with him for the rest of his life no matter where he goes.

His fear of the dark is another thing that won’t go away, so if he stays in a dark place for too long, he will start to become a bit irrational.


Soul Description: Confident, mischievous, pensive, determined, contemplative, and caring; Malik's soul is light gray that has a tiny smile and sports the tufts of his bangs. Under its eyes, it has the same marks as the real Malik. 


-Soul Speak
-Soul Trap
-Scorching Soul



[Greetings, fellow Death City people! You'll have your screen graced with the presence of your resident tanned blondie today; he smiles and gives a little wave while he holds a helmet to his side.]

Hey there! I've seen some pretty great bike-riders around here for a while, so I got an idea. It's pretty big too, so if some of you don't mind hearing me out...

[The view shifts to his shiny, red motorcycle for a moment, before it turns back to him, with a wider smile this time.]

Why don't we have a little race? It would be set up in Death City of course, so there's no need to go somewhere else for a race track. Only motorcycles and motorbikes allowed, since using anything else would be cheating. [He taps his chin as he mutters under his breath.] Let's see, what else...oh, yeah! There will be prizes for first, second, and third place. There will still be something consolatory for the others too, since it's all in good fun.

[He leans in, though he's not about to turn off his communicator just yet, what with the little smirk that appeared just now.]

So, how about it? Think you're up for a challenge?


It had been a few months after the fated duel between Yugi and Atem. Malik’s life became somewhat relatively normal after the tombs had crumbled, but he didn’t mind. It was a reminder of his past, so he had no issues in moving on. But, even so, Malik still couldn’t let go of his past that easily. As much as he didn’t want to remember and tried to ignore it, there were moments where he would end up dwelling on his thoughts, and wondered what would have happened if he hadn’t done any of the previous misdeeds. Sometimes it was even enough to keep him awake for the night.

And tonight was one of those nights, as he lay awake and stared at the ceiling. Honestly, he had enough of a hard time getting to sleep as it is with his fear of the dark, and he really didn’t need those awful memories bugging him again as well. Maybe if he tried to close his eyes one more time and let his mind wander somewhere else...

...only to open them again to what seemed like an endless darkness.

“Wait, that can’t be right.” he muttered, as he shut his eyes once more and opened them again, only to have the same result.

Malik’s breath hitched as his heart started to beat faster. There was no way he was still in his room-- he wasn't in his bed, for one thing, and he would have heard either of his siblings come in and shut off the light. From what he could make of as he squinted his eyes and glanced around, there were faint outlines of a couple of statues and some seals. Whatever symbolism they held, he didn't know nor did he care. All he was concerned about was where the heck he was and finding a way out, since he didn't want to stay for too long.

Fortunately, something in his pocket rang and broke the uneasy silence before his thoughts overwhelmed him. Malik didn't waste any time wondering how it got there as he reached in, held up the communicator, and got filled in as to what was going on as his apprehensiveness slowly began to melt away. When all was said and done, he could only ask one thing:

“Say, you wouldn't happen to have motorcycles in Death City, would you?”

[ Anything else you want us to know? (If your character has difficulty verbally communicating or can’t verbally communicate at all (mute or non-humanoid), this is where you should elaborate on how this will be treated in the game.) ]
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Backtagging: Yes, very much so!
Threadhopping: Perfectly okay with me
Fourthwalling: Ah, probably not? Unless it's part of their canon to do so, but even then, I don't want him to break more then he already has been.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I'd rather not, thanks.


Hugging this character: Yup!
Kissing this character: Marik might be awkward and not okay with it ICly, but go for it!
Flirting with this character: Lolololol, yup!
Fighting with this character: Sure thing!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Nothing too serious that would put his limbs out of use, please!
Killing this character: Talk to me first about it.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Not really possible in Rakuen, actually.

Warnings: n/a

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